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The Nissenbaum Law Group is a boutique commercial law firm that has been awarded the highest professional rating (AV) by the Martindale Hubbell® Rating Service.* The firm’s attorneys represent clients in a variety of areas, with a special concentration in business transactions and litigation. The transactional practice includes such matters as corporate and LLC formation, contract negotiation, shareholder issues, legal and regulatory compliance, trademark and copyright filings, commercial real estate, nonprofit law, intellectual property and sale of businesses. The litigation practice includes such matters as claims in the State and Federal Courts for injunctive relief, damage claims relating to fraud, contract breach, statutory violations, intellectual property infringement, and regulatory proceedings. The firm also has a robust practice involving matters before the NJ District Ethics Committees and the NJ Office of Attorney Ethics—and is also available to handle such matters before the NY Attorney Grievance Committee and Appellate Division—that concern investigations and hearings related to professional responsibility. In addition, it is heavily involved in Internet, entertainment, sports and leisure law, including everything from negotiating a major motion picture deal to licensing arrangements that monetize copyrighted works and trademarked images; from the legal aspects of developing video games and apps to advising an NCAA conference.

The Nissenbaum Law Group has active offices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. However, a significant proportion of its client matters take place in other states in accordance with prevailing multi-jurisdictional rules and guidelines.

* Note: no aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. The methodology for this award is contained at the following link: https://www.martindale.com/ratings-and-reviews/consumers/.


Legal Representation for Businesses and People with Business Issues


Our firm’s commercial litigation practice involves lawsuits in federal and state courts throughout the country. These include claims for breach of contract, fraud, business interference, construction, commercial landlord-tenant, debt collection, intellectual property infringement and injunctions relating to all of the above. Our litigation practice is not limited by state. We are able to handle lawsuits in any jurisdiction, so long as the court admits us on a pro hac vice basis.


Our firm’s transactional practice includes preparing operating agreements, resolutions and bylaws, shareholder and stock pledge agreements, business sale and purchase agreements, employment, severance and restrictive covenant agreements, distribution agreements, commercial leases, promissory notes, security agreements, UCC filings and intellectual property licensing and assignment agreements.


Our firm’s international practice involves representing American subsidiaries of companies headquartered in other countries. This includes legal matters such as BEA filings, visa requirements, shielding the parent company from liability, cross-border intellectual property protection, intra-company financing and licensing arrangements, employment and e-commerce agreements and sale of the business divisions and other assets.


Our firm has a robust intellectual property practice, including copyright, trademark and servicemark filings and appeals, trade secret and non-disclosure agreements, infringement litigation, internet and technology law including preparing website terms and conditions, privacy policies and online sale or license agreements, software development and licensing agreements, domain registration disputes, takedown notices under the Communications Decency Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, compliance with 18 U.S.C. 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75 and online picture removal respecting both anonymous and identified posters.


Our firm’s entertainment & sports law practice includes drafting and negotiating contracts for television, film, music, literary and modeling agreements, athletic and celebrity endorsements, formation of independent record labels, pre-production review for television, film and print media; review and negotiation of license and sub-license agreements, assignment of intellectual property agreements, enforcement of audit rights for royalty arrangements, major motion picture production negotiations and entity formation for theatre companies.


Our firm’s app and video game practice includes copyrights and trademark applications for branding, license agreements  for merchandise manufacturing and apparel, agency agreements, artist, graphic design, actor and consultant agreements, publicity agreements, click-through agreements, terms and conditions and privacy policies, Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices, lawsuits for injunctions to prevent infringement and UDRP filings with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to prevent counterfeiting through infringing goods.


Our firm handles commercial real estate matters such as drafting and negotiating sale agreements, commercial leases; UCC financing statements and mortgages; addressing environmental issues, defending foreclosure, condemnation and eminent domain actions, municipal zoning and planning board issues; commercial landlord-tenant disputes, construction  lawsuits and contracts, filing construction liens and/or defending against such filings, and representing condominium associations in matters such as collection of unpaid assessments, vendor agreements and board of trustee documentation.


Our firm welcomes engagements relating to green technology sustainability law, such as solar power, advanced agriculture (aeroponics, hydroponics, and vertical farming), carbon capture and storage and other negative emissions technologies that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. In addition, we welcome engagements relating to Generation IV molten salt nuclear reactors that enhance safety and environmental sustainability. These technologies are critical to maintaining a healthy and sustainable planet.


Our firm handles employment matters,  including drafting, negotiating and enforcing employment, independent contractor, severance, non-compete and restrictive covenant agreements, employment benefit disputes concerning whether a worker is incorrectly characterized as an employee, employee manuals, harassment and discrimination claims, whistleblower matters, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation.


Our firm handles franchise law, involving defending lawsuits brought against franchisees who are accused of violating the underlying franchise agreement and representation of small businesses and entrepreneurs concerning formation of the limited liability company, corporation or partnership, buy/sell and shareholder agreements, funding documentation such as promissory notes and collateralization documentation, intellectual property filings and customer agreements.


Our firm handles nonprofit law, including forming the entity under state law and applying for 501(c)(3) status, evaluating whether a different 501 model is appropriate for the contemplated activities, formation of by-laws and conflict of interest policies for the board of trustees, state registration for fundraising activities, evaluation of officer compensation in proportion to the prevailing standards and donor relation issues. Our firm also provides pro bono representation for select social justice advocacy initiatives.


Our firm handles the defense of attorney ethics grievances and complaints before the NJ District Ethics Committees and Office of Attorney Ethics and is also available to handle such matters before the NY Attorney Grievance Committee and Appellate Division as well as the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. This includes defending against the initial filing and the ultimate complaint, handling the administrative hearing and the appeal and supplemental motions. Our firm also handles the ethical issues involved in law firm merger, dissolution or succession planning.

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Contact the Nissenbaum Law Group to schedule an appointment at 908-686-8000 or feel free to use the following form to e-mail us. Please include as much information as you can to ensure that we are able to handle your request as quickly as possible.


Looking for advice?

We're here to help.

Contact the Nissenbaum Law Group to schedule an appointment at 908-686-8000 or feel free to use the following form to e-mail us. Please include as much information as you can to ensure that we are able to handle your request as quickly as possible.

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PLEASE NOTE Meetings by appointment only in Union, NJ; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA & Dallas, TX offices. Legal services generally performed from the Union, NJ office. The firm has attorneys licensed in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and/or the District of Columbia. In limited circumstances, the firm may practice in other states under the prevailing multi-jurisdiction rules or through pro hac vice admission.


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